Back Issue Break Down-Invasion! Part 3

We have reached the conclusion of the three-part epic Invasion! World Without Heroes

This issue sees the Gene Bomb launched at Earth, causing several super-powered characters lose control and eventually fall ill while others are unaffected. A couple characters don’t make it out alive!

Unlike parts one and two, Bart Sears provides the drawings for this issue instead of Todd McFarlane.

You may have noticed throughout this story that in the corner of some panels there is an issue and title, which tells you where stories from other series are intersecting. This is common throughout comics, especially in big events and crossovers. If you ever want to know how characters got themselves into the big story, keep an eye out for the corners of the panels!

On the TV side of things, CW’s Invasion took a much different turn in its final act. Throughout the four episodes, they did a good job of emphasizing characteristics of the individual shows even while mixing them with the others. Legends of Tomorrow was another good example as time travel played an important role in the resolution of the story. We can’t wait to see what crossovers they have in store for us in the future!

Tune in next week as we will have a very special video! We will be joined by our new contributors Jeff Krieger and Casey Kelderman, and we are going to review some of 2016’s biggest comic book movies! Thanks for watching!



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