Back Issue Break Down: The Invasion Part 1

With CW tackling 1988-1989’s comic arc Invasion!, we are here to break down the three-part comic book story. We start with part one, “The Alien Alliance.”

Invasion! was written by Keith Giffen and Bill Mantlo. Giffen uses this miniseries to connect several other series he was working on at the time. For Mantlo, Invasion! was his first work with DC Comics after spending most of his career with Marvel. Mantlo created the Marvel character, Rocket Raccoon.

In 1992, Bill Mantlo was struck by a car while he was rollerblading. The car sped off, and Mantlo suffered brain damage. You can read more about Mantlo’s story here.

If you’ve watched the CW crossover event and want to read Invasion!, you can pick up each of the three issues digitally on Comixology for $1.99 at the time of publishing this! Each issue is 81-82 pages to this is really a great value.


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