Deathstroke Sets His Sights on a Return to Arrow

As we gear up for the biggest DCTV crossover event to date, we keep hearing about some great characters that will be making their returns to our TV screens. We don’t know how someone like the deceased Moira Queen might be part of the equation, but we do know that the always dangerous Deathstroke is alive and well on Lian Yu in an A.R.G.U.S. designed prison.

Ever since his appearance on Arrow, Deathstroke has seen his mainstream popularity soar. He was the main selling-point for the Batman: Arkham Origins video game, the main antagonist for Arrow season two, and now, he Joe Manganiello has be cast as the deadly assassin in the upcoming Batman film starring Ben Affleck.

It came as a surprise when Floyd Lawton a.k.a. Deadshot reappeared on Arrow as Diggle’s cellmate. It was believed that when the Suicide Squad and Deadshot were tapped for the big screen that they would be off limits for use on TV. The Suicide Squad was disbanded, Deadshot and Amanda Waller were killed, and the show, as they say, went on.

With the news that Deathstroke will be reemerging for the DCTV Invasion crossover we have new hope to see the master assassin in action once again.

Green Arrow vs Deathstroke

Though Deathstroke is oft thought of as a Batman or Teen Titans villain, he has had his share of run-ins with the Emerald Archer. In Green Arrow issues #61-63 by Judd Winick, Oliver Queen was in a similar position to where he is now on Arrow, as mayor of Star City. Being a strong and outspoken leader put a huge bullseye on his back and somebody sought the services of Deathstroke to take him down.

Green Arrow #62 (2001-2007)-Cover art by Scott McDaniel
Green Arrow #62 (2001-2007)-Cover art by Scott McDaniel

The fierce rivalry between these two warriors was tenuous panel-by-panel as they jostled for the advantage. Deathstroke is a killer for hire, but when he takes on Green Arrow, there is more at stake than money, it’s about pride. We get to see each of these great characters trying to one-up each other with only one victor to be had.

Current Green Arrow scribe Benamin Percy also put Deathstroke on the Emerald Archer’s tail in Green Arrow issue #51 (2011-2016). This issue takes Ollie to Africa in search for Doctor Miracle. Oliver is almost as much beast as he is man with some sort of infection.  Artist Simon Kudranski stylized Ollie to portray this inner-beast.

Green Arrow #51-Cover art by Gabe Eltaeb and Patrick Zircher
Green Arrow #51-Cover art by Gabe Eltaeb and Patrick Zircher

If you love seeing Green Arrow taking on the world’s deadliest assassin Deathstroke, give either of these story arches a read! Buckle in and get ready for DCTV’s crossover event coming soon as well!


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