Wally West’s Kid Flash Story Begins

             How Team Flash Got Its Groove Back

In recent weeks on The Flash we have seen Barry and crew continue to find their chemistry post-Flashpoint paradox.  The oft on-again off-again Barry and Iris relationship is now on-again, and Cisco has resumed his position as the funny guy with a pop culture reference for every scenario.  Meanwhile not everything has fallen back into place.  Caitlyn is beginning to develop the powers of Killer Frost from Earth-2 and presumably Flashpoint.  Harrison Wells from Earth-2 had to go back home, so Team Flash decided to bring another Earth’s Wells to take his place.  The new Wells, H.R., hasn’t meshed well with Cisco to this point, but they are making progress.


The Fastest Man Alive Version 2.0

                The one character that is perhaps struggling the most to find his place in the team is Wally West.  After seeing Jesse Quick (Wells) has developed speed-force powers from encountering the same energy blast as him, Wally can’t help but feel disappointment.  As we have seen, Doctor Alchemy has been giving power to people who had those powers in Flashpoint.  Now it looks like Wally will finally have his number called in upcoming episodes.

In Mark Waid’s The Flash: Born to Run story, we get to see Wally go from regular kid, to superhero sidekick, to taking over the mantle of The Flash.

                The Wally West in this story has a couple of differences from the television series.  The first is Wally and Iris’ relationship.  In this comic, Iris is Wally’s aunt instead of his half-sister.  Wally is also depicted as being much younger.

During Part 1: Thunderstruck, Wally is a huge fan of Barry Allen’s Flash.  When he finally gets to meet The Flash he can’t help but pick his brain.  Much like the show, Wally wishes to be able to do what The Flash does.  It isn’t until the final panels of this issue that we see Wally involved in a freak occurrence that will recreate Barry’s encounter with the speed force but this time for Wally.

We will follow up on Wally’s progression in the Born to Run story as his story unfolds on CW’s The Flash!


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