Two New Rogues Arrive on The Flash

“The New Rogues”

The latest episode of The Flash, “The New Rogues” featured Barry and his new Earth-2 sidekick, Jesse Quick, teaming up to do battle against, well…two new rogues!  Barry is continuing to teach Jesse how to use her speed force powers to take down criminals and meta humans.  Jesse learns the hard way that there is more to winning a battle than relying on her powers.

Mirror Master

In this episode, Sam Scudder (played by Grey Damon) was once in league with Leonard Snart (Captain Cold).  Scudder and his girlfriend Rosalind Dillon (played by Ashley Rickards) had planned to break away from Cold and start spending their cut of the loot that had stolen and robbed.  Snart caught wind of this and decided to take care of Scudder.  This was when the particle accelerator erupted which sent Scudder into the mirror dimension.

Now Scudder, or Mirror Master, has the ability to transport himself in and out of the mirror world through any reflective surfaces.  He can also pull others into the mirror dimension as he did with The Flash in “The New Rogues”.  He does this all with his embodied meta human powers.

In The Flash (1987-2009) Issue #105, written by Michael Jan Friedman and Mark Waid, Mirror Master has Wally West’s Flash trapped in the mirror world with him.  He uses Flash to find his long lost love Emelia.  In this issue, Mirror Master also has meta human abilities as well as a Scottish (?) accent.  His dialogue is a bit goofy at first but before long you find yourself reading him like a leprechaun.  Admit it, that’s pretty fun!  Aside from his accent, Mirror Master is a dark and psychotic creep in this story.  We also get a long look inside the mirror dimension.

The Flash, 1987-2009, Issue #105 - Cover art by Ron Lim
The Flash, 1987-2009, Issue #105 – Cover art by Ron Lim

During “The New Rogues” Harrison Wells mentions earth-2 also having a Mirror Master.  He says that the earth-2 version uses a dimensional gun instead of meta human abilities.  This is a reference to another variation of Mirror Master who appears in silver age Flash comics such as The Flash (1959-1985) Issue #105.

The Flash, 1959-1985, Issue #105 - Cover art by Carmine Infantino
The Flash, 1959-1985, Issue #105 – Cover art by Carmine Infantino


As mentioned above, in “The New Rogues” Sam Scudder has a girlfriend/accomplice, Rosalind Dillon.  Later in the episode it is revealed she was also given meta human abilities, the ability to cause vertigo like symptoms in her adversaries.  Cisco gives her the name “Top”, which is also a Flash villain.  I thought for sure she would be named Countess Vertigo!  That would seem to be a more logical train of thought but Cisco is the name master, we all bow to him. The first difference between this version of Top and the comics is that the comic version is a man named Roscoe Dillon.  His abilities are also a bit different as he quite literally mimics a top based on his obsession with the toy.


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