Doctor Alchemy Creates a New Threat for The Flash

Things aren’t what they seem

Episode two of The Flash, titled ‘Paradox’, has aired and Central City (and beyond) still aren’t quite the same.  Cisco isn’t his cheery, hilarious self, Joe and Iris aren’t talking to each other, and Barry has a new colleague at work, Julian Albert (played by Tom Felton from the Harry Potter films).

Captain Singh also returned, though he was only briefly mentioned.  Singh has been a reoccurring character in Flash comics since Geoff Johns’ run.

To show that the paradox Barry created by altering the timeline is not confined to Central City, Barry travels to Star City to chat with Felicity.  While bringing her up to speed, it is revealed that Diggle’s daughter Sara doesn’t exist anymore.  Diggle now has a son instead, named John Diggle Jr.


As we witnessed at the end of episode one, Edward Clariss is being haunted by a mysterious, ghostly voice.  The word “alchemy” continues to appear to him, so he seeks answers.  He is having memories of his Flashpoint universe life seeping into his mind but he doesn’t understand them.  As he searches for the haunting omnipresent figure that is seemingly tormenting him, he discovers this figure is the man with all of the answers, Doctor Alchemy (voiced by Tobin Bell from Saw).  Alchemy reveals to Clariss that he was meant to have speed.

In the comics, Albert Desmond was a chemist who was in a constant battle between two identities.  One was Albert, the true and honest man.  The other, Alvin, an evil maniac who would take on the role of Mr. Element and eventually Doctor Alchemy.

The Flash: Issue #40 - Cover art by Greg Larocque
The Flash: Issue #40 – Cover art by Greg Larocque

The Flash issue #40 features Desmond’s struggle between his two personalities while attempting to be a reformed citizen.  Wally West seeks him out to help his girlfriend, Linda Park, with what seems to be a possession of some sort (her other personality is a pirate, kind of hokey…I know).

During episode two we see Doctor Alchemy attack The Flash with what appears to be The Philosopher’s Stone.  This is his primary weapon in the comics.  With the power of this stone, he is able to, well…look for yourself!

The Flash Issue #40- Pencils by Greg Larocque; Inks by Jose Marzan Jr.; Color by Glenn Whitmore
The Flash Issue #40- Pencils by Greg Larocque; Inks by Jose Marzan Jr.; Color by Glenn Whitmore

“No man shall be your rival”

Doctor Alchemy slowly revealed part of his evil master plan, to give power to people who had it in the Flashpoint universe.  How does he know about Flashpoint?  We will wait and see?

Alchemy’s first project, Edward Clariss.  Alchemy restores Clariss’ speed and boom, The Rival is back.  He also gives Clariss a nice pep talk to prepare him for another face off with The Flash.

Runaway Train

Barry has decided the only way to fix a screwed up timeline is to go screw it up again.  Thankfully, in fact mercifully, an old friend intervenes.  Jay Garrick interrupts Barry’s attempt to “fix” everything and instead they go have a cup of coffee of course!  Oh, did I mention it is 1998?  Soul Asylum and coffee shops were never cooler.

Garrick was actually the first Flash to battle The Rival.  In Geoff Johns and David Goyer’s Justice Society of America issues #16 and 17, The Rival is rescued from being trapped inside the speed force.  He decides to exact revenge on Garrick by killing his wife Joan.  These issues also feature an appearance by Michael Holt aka Mr. Terrific.  We will be seeing Curtis Holt become Mr. Terrific on Arrow soon!

JSA Issue #17 - Cover art by Alan Davis
JSA Issue #17 – Cover art by Alan Davis

What is coming next?

Who is Doctor Alchemy going to give powers to next?  Will Wally become Kid Flash again?  Can we have our funny, light-hearted Cisco back?  Here is to hoping!


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