Arrow Returns With a Darker Tone and Brutal New Characters

Arrow is back for its fifth season, and with its premiere episode a statement was made, the grit is back.

Warning!  Spoilers for Wild Dog #1 (1989) ahead!

I used to be a vigilante like you, then I took an arrow to the knee

‘Legacy’ began with The Green Arrow running down Anarky.  Amidst the battle, another vigilante came into the fray, Wild Dog (played by Rick Gonzalez).  Wild Dog’s approach to handling crime is a bit more permanent than what Team Arrow has had in mind in previous seasons.  To stop Wild Dog from going too far, Green Arrow put an arrow in his leg.  This is a visceral tactic we haven’t seen from Ollie of late.

Jack Wheeler, aka Wild dog, was a former football star whose career was cut short due to injury.  After football was over, Wheeler joined the marines.  He lived a modest life as a mechanic until his fiancé was murdered by the mafia.  Wheeler discovered that his fiancé was actually the daughter of a prominent figure in the mafia.

The Return of Wild Dog: Issue #1 - Cover by Terry Beatty
The Return of Wild Dog: Issue #1 – Cover by Terry Beatty

So what is a boy to do?  Well don a hockey mask and jersey and seek revenge on the mob of course.  What ensues is an action packed revenge story akin to Charles Bronson’s ‘Death Wish’ with enough blood to make Robocop blush.  To witness Wild Dog take to the streets, pick up Wild Dog Special: Issue #1.

Wild Dog’s plain clothes name on Arrow is Rene Ramirez.  We will have to keep tuning in to see how this version of the character is similar or different from the comic.

More new faces in town

Perhaps more dangerous than the rabid Wild Dog is Tobias Church (played by The Walking Dead’s Chad L. Coleman).  Church is an original character for the series so his comic influences remain to be seen.

Another new character that seems to be significant is Felicity’s new flame Detective Malone (played by Tyler Ritter).  Malone is also an original character, but we will keep our eyes on him.  With Wild Dog having a different alias than in the comics, perhaps one of these characters will prove to be more than meets the eye.

A new Dark Archer?

The premiere concluded with the appearance of another evil archer, cloaked in black.  This is our first look at Prometheus.  We will discuss Prometheus further in weeks to come.

Until next time!

Thank you for reading!  We are just a couple weeks in and the comics on television are coming fast!  We hope you are finding these posts to be fun and informative.  Drop us a line with questions, comments, praise or gripes.


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