Kid Flash and The Rival Battle It out in The Flash’s Season 3 Premiere

Family reunion

The season premiere of The Flash, titled “Flashpoint,” held several similarities and differences from its comic counterpart.  One immediate similarity, the opening dialogue was taken directly from Geoff John’s Flashpoint!  The most glaring difference is how Barry is handling his time in the Flashpoint universe.  He’s happy!  Why wouldn’t he be?  Both of his parents are alive and well.

In the Flashpoint comic, Barry is confused and concerned realizing that everything he knew had changed.  Barry also awoke to his new reality realizing he had lost his powers.

On the TV side, Barry’s powers seem well intact as he rushes to the scene of a metahuman battle.  Who is battling?  Well…it’s The Flash!  And in the red corner, the newest evil speedster The Rival.

“Don’t call me that”

Later in the episode Barry witnesses another battle between The Flash and The Rival.  After the skirmish Barry discovers the identity of this “new” Flash, and it’s Wally West!  Barry and Iris (who helps Wally in his adventures) dub Wally “Kid Flash” and he doesn’t quite appreciate it.  The only thing missing was a noogie from Barry.

In his comic origin Wally West takes up the mantle of The Flash after the death of Barry Allen who is his uncle in the comics.  Iris would be his aunt in this version and not his sister.  Prior to becoming The Flash, Wally is trained by Barry and fights under the name Kid Flash.  Wally also served as a member of The Teen Titans and The Justice League.  You can read Wally’s journey from sidekick to The Flash in Mark Waid’s The Flash: Born to Run.

The Flash: Born to Run - Cover art by Jim Aparo and Greg LaRocque
The Flash: Born to Run – Cover art by Jim Aparo and Greg LaRocque

The Rival

Wally’s arch-nemesis, The Rival, has been wreaking havoc on the city for quite some time apparently.  The Rival was first introduced as an enemy to the golden age Flash, Jay Garrick.  He was a former professor named Edward Clariss.  Clariss created a formula to recreate the powers of Garrick’s Flash.  The formula was called “Velocity 9”.  You may remember this item being used in season 2 of The Flash.

You can think of The Rival as the prototype for Reverse Flash.  After being defeated by Garrick, The Rival would disappear into the speed force.


Barry eventually had to put his trust into Eobard Thawne, The Reverse Flash, who he was holding captive while living it up in his new life.  This is a pretty twisted thing to do for Barry.  Thawne coined this universe “Flashpoint” (Hey!  That’s Cisco’s job!).  When Barry began losing his memories of his old life, it became apparent that everything he had done was wrong and Thawne was right, he needs to fix it.  Thawne goes back in time and kills Barry’s mother (again…poor lady) to set things back the way they were, almost.

Things just got creepy

The episode ends with a seemingly normal Edward Clariss lying in bed until he is awoken by an ominous voice.  Then he demands the name of who is speaking and a word, or name rather, scratches itself onto his mirror, “Alchemy”.

The message in the mirror tells us that Doctor Alchemy is coming soon to The Flash.  We will learn more about Doctor Alchemy once he shows his face, probably in episode two!


Did the premiere of season three live up to the hype?  Do you want more Kid Flash in upcoming episodes?  Are you going to have nightmares about Doctor Alchemy waking you up at night?  Let us know what you think about “Flashpoint”.


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