The Mad Hatter Mesmerizes and Penguin Runs for Office in This Week’s Gotham

Our first look into the eyes of The Mad Hatter

Gotham’s third episode ‘Look into My Eyes’ introduces us to Benedict Samuel as Jervis Tetch, The Mad Hatter.  We find Tetch in Barbara and Tabitha’s night club giving a hypnotist performance.

The Mad Hatter later seeks out Gordon in hopes to find help in searching for his sister Alice.

Warning: Some comic spoilers ahead!

In the comics, The Mad Hatter is often depicted with the skill of hypnosis, whether it be with the use of some sort of technology or traditional hypnosis.  In 2013 The Hatter appeared as the primary villain in Batman: The Dark Knight beginning with issue #16.  In this story arch Hatter placed an electronic device in his hats to gain control of the wearers mind.  He targeted children all over Gotham City and took control of their minds with these devices.  His motives reveal themselves slowly in this sometimes gruesome story.

Batman: The Dark Knight #16 - Cover art by Ethan Van Sciver
Batman: The Dark Knight #16 – Cover art by Ethan Van Sciver

The story arch also reveals pieces of The Mad Hatters origins.  Traditionally, as with Gotham, The Mad Hatter is in search of his sister Alice.  He also has a long history of kidnappings, often of children.  He has a severe fixation with Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland books (thus The Mad Hatter gimmick).  All of these details are present with slight tweaks in Batman: The Dark Knight.

The first and most major change is that the Alice that Tetch is obsessed with in this story is not his sister, but instead a childhood friend and crush.  As they get older, Tetch is diagnosed with a testosterone deficiency that causes him to stop growing.  Tetch blames his short stature for his inability to win Alice over.

The Mad Hatter again kidnaps children, but also adults as well if that makes it more comforting?  His goal?  To reenact the perfect day he had with Alice years ago.

While Batman is tracking The Mad Hatter’s operations he discovers that one of the causes for his psychotic behavior, aside from childhood trauma, is that he self-medicates with the “tea” he is always going on about.  Apparently his tea recipes are concoctions of psychotropic drugs that cause hallucinations.

The Mad Hatter is truly vicious and his acts are gory and disturbing to say the least.  This story is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach, but it is a well done update for the character

Election season

The Penguin did in fact throw his hat in the political ring in episode 3.  We foreshadowed this in our last Gotham post by steering you towards Batman: Earth One Volume One.  It may be fun to stack up Gotham’s Penguin campaign with that of Tim Burton’s Batman Returns film as well.  Danny DeVito plays a much different and more literal Penguin who gets his flippers wet in politics as part of the main story.  An oldie but a goodie!

A tale of two Bruces

We are still not getting answers as to who this second Bruce is (other than the name “5”), but his motivations are becoming a little more clear.  We will have to continue keeping an eye on this character in weeks to come.

Give us your feedback!

Do you have any thoughts about what is happening with Bruce’s clone?  What do you think of Gotham’s Mad Hatter?  Would you vote Cobblepot?  Let us know!


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