With a Busy Second Episode, Gotham Sets the Table for Another Villain’s Arrival

Bruce meets The Court of Owls…sort of

The second episode of Gotham has aired and it set us up for a lot so let’s jump right in!

Episode 2 wasted little time addressing Bruce’s kidnapping at the hands of The Talon.  Bruce met with presumably the leader of The Court of Owls.  She gave her name as Katherine, but it is unclear what significance this name has.  The most notable Katherine in Batman comics is Katherine Kane, a cousin of Bruce Wayne who also dresses like a bat as Batwoman (it runs in the family).  It is fair to assume this elderly woman whom is also evil will not be appearing as Batwoman.

It is interesting that Bruce was faced with just one member of The Court.  In the Scott Snyder’s Batman: City of Owls story Bruce is faced with an entire jury of Owls in their underground lair.  Perhaps we will have to be a little more patient to see where this goes.

Batman Vol 2.: The City o Owls - Snyder, Scott (w), Tynion IV, James (w),Capullo, Greg (a), Plascencia, FCO (a)
Batman Vol 2.: The City of Owls – Cover art by Greg Capullo and FCO Plascencia

Ivy: Now more poisonous

 Ivy Pepper emerged from the river after her meeting with Fish’s monsters in episode 1 and she has grown like a weed!  Ivy was taken in by a man on the docks of Gotham.  It wasn’t long before Ivy proved that her appearance wasn’t the only thing that changed.  This new Ivy doesn’t call out to a specific comic yet, but we will keep an eye on her development moving forward.

Penguin goes fishin’

After learning of the return of his nemesis, Fish Mooney, Penguin goes on a war-path to take her down once-and-for-all.  Instead of using brute strength, Penguin uses the media to rile up a mob and use them as his army.  Penguin inserted himself into a GCPD press conference and declared war, then intervened when Barnes and company had Fish surrounded, wanting to take down Fish personally.

Could this be the beginning of Penguin becoming more of a public figure?  He didn’t take the most diplomatic approach, but he has shown his ability to connect to the public on several occasions.  In Geoff John’s Batman: Earth One Vol 1, Penguin is the mayor of Gotham City.  He is also incredibly corrupt and deadlier than ever.

Earth One also reimagines Alfred in a way that is very similar to Jeremy Irons’ version in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Sean Pertwee’s Alfred on Gotham.  If you want to see the friendly butler get his hands dirty give Earth One a look.

Seeing double

Per usual Gotham ended on a cliffhanger with the mysterious Bruce clone revealing himself to Bruce and Alfred at Wayne Manor.  Who could this clone Bruce be?  Scott Snyder’s Batman: City of Owls may be influencing Gotham Season 3 more than we thought.  We will have to keep tuning in to see who this clone is and what he wants

Next week Gotham City goes mad!

The preview for episode 3 revealed the arrival of The Mad Hatter, played by Benedict Samuel (The Walking Dead).  Check back in with Multiversatile for our article featuring The Mad Hatter, coming soon!


Johns, Geoff and Gary Frank. Batman: Earth One. New York: DC Comics, 2012. Comic Book.

Snyder, Scott and James Tynion IV. Batman: City of Owls. Burbank: DC Comics, 2013. Comic Book.




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