Flashpoint Is Coming!

Will everything we know change in a Flash?


At the conclusion of The Flash Season 2, we saw Barry Allen commit the biggest of no-no’s possible in time travel.  If only he had paid closer attention to Back to the Future he would know you just don’t mess with the timeline!  By traveling back in time (again) and this time saving his mother, there is no doubt the ripple effect will be quickly evident in Season 3.  Our first hint at where this is all going lies in Episode 1’s title “Flashpoint.”

What is Flashpoint you ask?  It’s an event that spanned across all of the DC Universe in the comics.  Similar to the TV show, Barry went back-in-time to stop The Reverse Flash from murdering his mother.  By doing so, he altered not only his life, but the likes of Batman, Green Lantern and even Superman.  After realizing what happened, Barry Allen sets out to restore the timeline.  Unfortunately by changing history, Barry never bonded with the speed force.

Flashpoint - Art by Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope
Flashpoint – Art by Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope

I get by with a little help from my friends

Without his powers, Barry knows he will need help fixing his mess and defeating The Reverse Flash.  He seeks out one of his closest Justice League buddies, Batman, in hopes that they can combine wits and set things right again.  When Barry lets himself in to the Batcave he finds himself to be an unwelcome guest to an unfamiliar Batman.  Just another hurdle for The Scarlet Speedster.

Meanwhile, this new reality is in a state of war between Aquaman’s Atlanteans and Wonder Woman and her Amazons from Themyscira.  The war between these two factions threatens to destroy the world.  Cyborg is attempting to assemble a ragtag group of heroes to enter the fray and stop the destruction.  His whole team relies on the inclusion of Batman, whom is even more difficult to work with than usual.

With the help of a reluctant Batman, Barry attempts to regain his powers in the most dangerous way possible, by TRYING to get struck by lightning while injecting himself with the same chemical cocktail as the first time.  Sounds like a good idea right?

Can Barry regain his speed and beat Reverse Flash, or will he have to accept this new reality and help Cyborg salvage what is left?

What will we see in Season 3

I know you’re excited at the thought of Batman teaming up with The Flash.  I have to burst your bubble but we will likely have to wait until the 2017 release of Justice League in theaters to see The Dark Knight and The Scarlet Speedster share screen time.  It is unclear what similarities and differences the comic and show will have, so we will have to tune in and find out on October 4th.

Flashpoint’s impact on the DC Universe

With the release of the Flashpoint series in 2011, Geoff Johns altered the path of DC Comics for the next 5 years.  The events of Flashpoint began DC’s New 52 line of comics, giving authors the reigns to re-envision fundamental elements of their respective characters.

The Flashpoint main series was accompanied by several volumes in The World of Flashpoint series which fleshed out the backgrounds of other characters featured in the story.  These characters are: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Green Lantern, as well as a crossover with Booster Gold and several miniseries.

For those of you with a Netflix account (or your friend’s password…) you can check out the Flashpoint animated movie!  The movie is very true to the comic book and is available at the time publishing  of this blog.



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